The American Dream

The American Dream.

A beacon of liberty, the land of opportunity, the country where if you worked hard enough, long enough, you would have your own wealth, social acceptance, and be able to improve your situation for your children, if not directly for yourself.

That is what America has meant to people from every corner of the world since the first Pilgrims arrived on Plymouth Rock and made a life for themselves in a vast and wild territory.

What is the state of the American dream today?

Men and women who have obeyed all the laws, who have lived to their best ability within their own means, who have worked diligently for an employer, never asked for too much, but always sacrificed more than what they where worth, are kicked out of the homes that they labored for at the whim of an institution.

Your jobs, your promise of a future for your children that is as good or better than your own, are being shipped off to some country where the labor laws are relaxed and the profit margin is higher and deeper than it could possibly be here.

Elderly men who have dedicated their entire lives to a company are laid off indefinitely. Women are paid less than their male counterparts, but hold the highest percentage of jobs in the current workforce.

Good people who have never broken a law, who have never asked for more than what was available to them, who have only wanted the best they could afford for their families, these are the people that have been screwed by the wealthiest of citizens.

Your home, the land on which it rests, the land in which your food is grown, the crops in which scientists promised to use to end world hunger, the building you work in, the White House, Congress, the Senate; all of these things have long since been bought and paid for.

I don’t mean in the Christian sense either. They were paid for by greed, fraud, and bloody dollar bills. They where paid for slowly and insidiously.

Where is the Dream Now?

Your dream, your home, and your future are all accounted for in private jets, in bank owned lands and assets, and in taxpayer dollars that fund puppet politicians prancing about Washington, all the while making much a do about nothing.

We hear the news about “show votes,” and the hijacking of the democratic system to play chicken with the lives of millions of people.

The corporations don’t care about us; unless you happen to find a Madonna of a corporation. Wall Street won’t let you on the inside without good connections, and your desperate ability to beg, plead, and take it.

Politicians do not care either. Politicians care about what their dollars tell them to care about. If the dollars fancy themselves philanthropists, then the politician cares about our poorest of citizens.

What about those of us who have made the right choices?

There are programs to benefit the wealthy in their business ventures; through relaxed taxation, regulation, and undercut deals that undermine the way our society was built to work.

There are programs that benefit the poor. Help in finding a job, help in paying bills, help with rent, help with buying a car, help with childcare. Our poorest of Americans get all the help we can afford as a country.

This is not bad inherently, but when it is paid for by the sweat and toil that comes off the backs of the middle class, who have no tax breaks, no help, no free housing, and no free childcare, there is a seriously skewed image of reality occurring.

Forget about a good educational system. Education, if left up to the owners of the country, would be another expensive way to buffer people from joining their club.

You Do Not Have to Be the Victim

This country is still great, and its potential is not yet entirely lost. This country was built by the hard work and innovation of some of the greatest, and often unspoken, men and women of history.

This country, you and your future, are worth fighting for. When all things seem lost, that is when you need to put your nose to the grindstone the most. All over the country, we need to beat the greed-wads at every corner of the way.

We need to beat them by defying their conventions. I am always amazed by the things that our youth are inventing.

Who hasn’t heard a story of a young entrepreneur defying all odds; or the child who made a charity organization happen?

Our kids need to be our role models. We need to learn that as long as we buy into the lies, we feed the liar’s pockets.

We can start a company from a small idea. We can have healthy lives without expensive cars and cheap foods. We can invest and trust that we will make a profit.

The Foreign Exchange Market and the Role of SociaLegacy

I am sure, that after reading about the ills of the American dream at the moment, you may not wish to learn about any investment opportunities.

However, the foreign exchange market, or Forex market, is set apart from the rest of investment trading because of some key features.

To summarize, the wide variety of geographic location, the relatively large trading volume, and the conservative margins of profit and error, all contribute to what others are calling the ideal investment market.

The Forex market has a low transaction cost, which means that brokers don’t have a lot of room to rip you off. A low minimum investment means that anyone who earns an honest paycheck can get started, and a round the clock business day leads to a low margin of market manipulation.

Even with all these benefits, there is a very steep learning curve for the majority of individuals. That is where we, at SociaLegacy, step in.

With nearly a decade of learning and practical experience, our team will help guide you through the complexity of the learning curve. We will guide you through the difference between naked charts and messy charts, through price action setups and trading, and much more.

Every step of the way, we make the market clean, simple, and easy to navigate. What’s more, with low transaction cost, and other safeguards that keep the market relatively free from mass scale manipulation, you can feel assured that your investment is going to the right place.

The true American in which families who make the right choices, work hard, and invest well, can then live a comfortable and independent life will never die. No matter how much the rich frat boys try to take all our opportunities away from us, we will never lose sight of our values and ideals.

SociaLegacy will help you rebuild your dream, despite all the closed doors and the voices who live to tell you no. Use your small investment, and its return, to open your handcrafted business line, or start your own family owned business.

Don’t fall into the pit of believing that you need to fulfill every prescribed role the owners tell you that you need. Clearly, that road has hit a brick wall. Take back the reigns of your life and let us at SociaLegacy walk beside you on your journey.


Everyone, from the early American colonists, to Woody Guthrie, the unionists, coal miners, factory workers, the victims of the Great Depression, flight attendants, teachers and government workers, and every soldier that has ever served in our great military, all share a common thread.

The thread that binds us all in a common theme is also the thread that has set our nation apart from every other and has influenced the cultures and make-up of the entire planet. That thread, is a strongly ingrained sense of liberty.

Slavery is a system under which humans are bought and sold, like property, and forced into labor in exchange for meager food, dress, and home. For nearly 100 years, from the first abolitionist group in Pennsylvania in 1775, to the 13th Amendment in 1865, Americans changed the world to bring freedom to all people.

Thankfully, slavery does not exist in the same way that history knows it to have been. However, within the United States of America, as well as many develop countries, there lies a large population of individuals who are dominated by a system that promises prosperity but delivers financial bondage instead.

There are people that exist within and around the described population, who do not ascribe to the same ideals of the masses. These individuals silently, privately, and internally rebel against the system that binds them, but are trapped within the powerful grips and control measures that surround them.

Every day, the masses move from their private domains and off to their jobs; all in a herd-like fashion. These jobs are designed to give the individuals within the masses enough freedom and hope to finish one more day.

The slaves have no choice as to how many hours they must labor. Sometimes they are required to work overtime until their master tells them that they may leave and go home.

The slaves are told when they can take vacations, how many days per year they are allowed to be sick, when they must return to work, and how long they can have to spend time with ailing family, or a new baby.

The slaves have little voice over what amount of money they earn, because instead of being paid what they are worth, they are paid only what the masters feel the job is worth.

Days pass by and meld into years, all the while the toiling slaves grow older and less valuable to their masters. Finally, the system decides when they are ready to be released into retirement camps where they will live out their days earning only 40 percent of their former wages.

We know these slave conditions exist because we have been slaves to this system. Now, we are free men and women who live among the slaves still in bondage to the false system.

Like you, we wanted the freedom. We had to humble ourselves in order to become masters at leveraging opportunity. We learned to follow the money, and not media hype or wildfire rumors. That is how we found our escape.

However, we have seen many people with the same hearts and minds go after the hype, only to be forced to return to the system feeling confused, bitter, disillusioned, humiliated, and used.

Loosing hope in life and trust in humanity is one of the gravest ills facing our country today. Which is why we want you to take heart; there is still hope. All of your hard work and loyalty will not go unrewarded.

Your escape route begins right where Occupy Wall Street left the doors open. The cost for this plan is not high, yet for those who fear the price tag of freedom, the cost may seem high.

What is the price for resolving the blocks that have prevented you from reaching your fullest potential in the freest form?

Well, you must be willing to follow a fee simple instruction. Most of all, you must be willing to be guided to freedom in the spirit of Harriet Tubman.

SociaLegacy can provide you with the freedom you both deserve and desire.


Just The Facts
  • More family members are working longer days for less pay than ever before. While some might like to look at the rise in household wealth as a sign of good economics, the facts are that only 50 percent of men make more than their fathers did, which means that 50 percent make less. Additionally, single mother households are notoriously low wage, but rarely discussed.
  • Longer work days, more childcare, and dwindling benefits lower the quality of life families share. When statistics show that more than 40 percent of children born into either wealth or poverty remain there throughout adult hood, we have mourning to do; mourning for the destruction of the American dream that so many have fought for, soldiers and coal miners alike!
  • The richest people in the world hold 43 percent of the world’s total wealth. The world’s wealthiest people account for one percent of the global population, while the poorest people of the world, who hold only two percent of global wealth, make up half of the global population.
  • If global wealth was shared equally among every living adult, each person would have a $43,800 net worth; imagine what a woman in a third world country could achieve with that net worth. People starving for lack of food when there is enough wealth to feed every adult and their families, all due to feelings of entitlement and greed, is a massive tragedy.
  • In America alone, a 10 percent tax increase on the nation’s 400 wealthiest citizens would raise enough funds for a $35,000 nest-egg for every child born in the nation in 2012. With a whopping $1.53 trillion dollars in personal wealth, the top 400 have subsidies paid for on the backs of the middle class.
  • The national wealth disparity is a matter of national security. No matter one’s race or ethnicity, we all want to live safe and decent lives. However, that possibility is in serious risk when the average hourly earnings for CEOs is nearly triple the median hourly pay of the average American.
  • A colorblind economy has been lost. While the folks that fought a bloodless war against social inequalities did achieve much, like an increase in hourly pay for minority families, their achievements have been lost to the Great Recession of 2008. In 2010, minority families of African and Hispanic heritage made a shaming 57 cents to every Caucasian family dollar.
  • Higher productivity and GDP does not equate to better lives. Higher productivity means greater efficiency and higher profits. However, these profits are not shared with the workers, and only moderately with the consumers. Instead, they are held by the owners of capital, and used to further drive higher efficiency and profits.
  • What is good for GDP is not always good for the individual. A car, imported water bottles, and big monoculture farm foods are great for GDP. However, they mean more expenses for the individual, and those expenses are not shared broadly along the economy; they are hoarded in the hands of people who already have everything, and want even more.
  • The global wealthy have increased their assets by over $9 trillion in the past three years, while the average American family net-worth has dropped by 16 percent for Caucasians, 53 percent for African-Americans, and 66 percent for Hispanic families.
  • The time has come for us to unite and rip the rugs from under the feet of the global 1 percent. Injustice and inequality go much deeper than the loss of a home over the net gain of a corporation. For many families in many parts of the world, economic inequality is the difference between life and death on daily basis.