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The world’s first SaaS that auto-creates entire lead generation campaigns from scratch without any coding, design tools, copyrighting or staff.

Here's how to get started with BIZ


Step 1

  • Integrations After logging into BIZ, go to Settings in the left side navigation menu. By default, you'll be on the Integrations tab. Integrate your Google Adwords, Facebook and Email Auto-Responder accounts (not all are required, just integrate the ones you will use).
  • Google Adwords - to be able to create Google Ads from inside the BIZ platform.
  • Facebook - to be able to create Facebook ads from inside the BIZ platform.
  • Auto-Responders - to be able to sync leads collected through your landing pages to your email lists automatically.

Step 2 - Connect a Custom Domain (Optional)

  • If you want to publish your pages to a custom domain, you can! If you are comfortable using the BIZ domain, or downloading the HTML to upload to your server you may skip this step. Go to Integrations, and click on the Domain Settings tab. Enter your domain and click on "Where do I get this information from?" to view how to set it up.

Step 3

  • Create a Campaign It's now time to set up your first campaign. Click on Create in the left main navigation menu and watch the video walk-through below.

Important: Your campaign name automatically becomes the URL path for your page. So if you name your page "Auto Repair Rocky Road", your live page will be "


Step 4

  • Publishing Your Page BIZ offers you multiple publishing options! When you're done creating your page, you'll see the options as shown below.
  • Publish will publish your page to our server. If you selected a custom domain when creating your page, it'll be displayed on that domain (yet, still hosted by us). So you get free hosting, even though you're able to use your own domain!
  • Download HTML will initiate a download of the HTML files for your page. This is great if you're looking to make custom changes within the HTML files and then being able to upload directly to your existing hosting/server (if you don't want to host with us).
  • WordPress you may have heard we offer a WordPress publishing option. And we do! If you go to Integrations and click on the WP Plugin tab. Here, you'll be able to download the most up to date plugin file.


Step 5

  • Creating Ads Now that you've set up your pages - you can begin driving targeted traffic using our Facebook and Google integrations in minutes. To use the ad creation features, it's required that you connect your Facebook and Google Adwords accounts under Integrations - found in step 1 on this page.

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